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Over the years, I have been quoted on a number of occasions in the UK press discussing issues related to financial wellbeing, financial education and Defined contribution pensions. 

Some examples can be found below:

In this article, I provided practical tips on how you could reduce your personal tax bill and also provide savings for your kids at the same time.

In this article, I discussed the pros and cons of transferring your pension and specifically the types of issues that employers and trustees need to consider before they move people’s money.  

In this article for People Management Magazine, we discussed a range of topics related to pensions and the employer’s role in supporting their workforce.

In this article, the Scotland Herald relayed some talking points, that I had made at a conference, about employers allowing people to use the money the organisation offers (eg pension contributions) to pay down debts rather than pay into pensions. 

I took part in a panel debate for Professional Pensions where we discussed the importance of default investment funds and how we can get pension scheme members to engage with their investments.

In this article for Pensions Age, I was quoted discussing the importance of ESG funds in DC pension schemes and the barriers they face to becoming mainstream.


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