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We are on a mission to improve the financial literacy of 1 million people in the workplace

We believe that financial wellbeing can only be attained by improving financial education. So, this is exactly what we have set out to do, with a particular focus on educating and providing guidance to people within the workplace.  

We will do this initially through our Financial Wellbeing Assessment Tool, which allows people to get an immediate snapshot score as to their financial wellbeing.

The need for financial education:

The individual perspective

The need for financial education:

The employer's perspective

Challenges that individuals have can impact on performance and productivity in the workplace.

How are we going to help solve the


We have developed a financial wellbeing assessment tool that allows an individual to answer some questions and then receive a personalised score covering all areas of their financial life.

How does the Financial Assessment

tool work?

It's Simple

We ask what on the surface appear innocent questions but could be an indicator to a deeper problem

It's 10 Minutes

The tool is pretty quick to go through and can be done on a desktop, mobile or tablet

It's Actionable

The tool will provide guidance and actionable tips for the individual to

It's Bespoke

The tool is tailored to your organisation meaning you can use it to highlight and promote the benefits you already offer

It's Personal

The report an individual receives is personal to them and relates to the answers they give in the assessment

It's Informative

As an organisation you can use the output to design targeted financial wellbeing programmes for your workforce

Want to learn more or try the tool


The best to get a real feel for how the tool could work for you, both as an individual and as an employer, is to run through the assessment yourself.   You can either email us now, and we will be in touch to provide you with access.


If you prefer, we can give you a live demo.  Simply book a meeting in the calendar below, and we will run through the tool online with you.

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