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Financial Wellbeing Assessment

This page is the start of your journey to understanding your financial wellbeing and hopefully finding actionable tips that will help you improve.

Widgets Ltd have worked with to develop a financial wellbeing assessment tool. 

What is the tool?

The tool asks you questions related to 7 areas of your life:

  • Budgeting
  • Debt Management
  • Pay & Allowances
  • Household Spending
  • Health Protection
  • Pension & Savings
  • Later Life Planning

How to do you use it?

You can access the tool further down this page.

The tool takes about 15 minutes to complete, so please make sure you have given yourself this time to work through the questions. 

What happens after I have used it?

Once you have completed the tool you will:

a) Receive a personalised report setting out how you have scored in each of the areas above.

b) Over the course of the next few months receive a series of emails providing you with lots of helpful and actionable advice on steps you can take to improve your financial wellbeing.

Finally, for your own peace of mind, Widgets Ltd will not see your underlying scores or personalised report.  They will only see aggregated data, which in turn will be used to help identify what financial education and support programmes and products could be made available to support employees.  

What other help is there?

Further down this page you can also access:

1) Organisations and websites that can help address the issues raised by the Tool

2) A library of useful information if you want to learn more about any of the topics that are raised in the Tool


Watch this 1 minute video before you start

Start your assessment

The assessment will take you about 15 minutes to complete.  So, please grab yourself a drink, turn off any distractions and focus on making your way through the questions.  

Please do try and answer as honestly as possible as this will ensure you get a more accurate score at the end.

You can start the financial wellbeing assessment by clicking the red button below.  

Helpful resources

In this section we have provided contact details for a range of organisations that can help you.

Organisations that can help you with financial issues


You can access your pension arrangement with Aviva to check what you have or make changes to your pension.


Trussle is a free mortgage broker and advice service.  They are able to search the whole of the market to help you find a mortgage.


Step Change
If you have some issues with debt, you can get free debt advice and counselling from Step-Change.

Organisations that can help you with legal issues

General Advice

Citizens Advice Bureau
The Citizens Advice Bureau is a good place to start if you are facing legal issues.   Click the link below to find your local bureau.  

Wills & Probate

DB Wills & Probate
If you need to create a Will you can use DB Wills, who can help you produce a simple online Will or draft a more complicated one with a Solicitor.  

Setting Up A Trust

UK Trust Planning Ltd
UK Trust Planning are a leading UK Provider if you need to look at using a Trust to protect your home and assets.  Contact them for a free consultation.

Organisations that can help you with daily life

Car & Home Insurance

Money Super Market
Money Supermarket is the UK’s leading price comparison service if you are looing to check the competitiveness of your home and car insurance.  

Checking Your Credit Rating

Check My File
Check my file is the only Credit Report that checks data from the UK’s leading credit agencies;  Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. 

Get Cheaper Bills

Switchd do the hard work and automatically switch your gas and electricity bills to a cheaper provider for you.

Organisations that can help with health and wellbeing issues



Westfield Health
Westfield Helath are our Employee Assistance Provider and can be contacted online or by calling 0800 123 1234

Digital GP Services

Our Doctor At Hand GP service, provided by Axa, allows you to book in a consultation at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Mental Health 

Our mental health support partner is Mind.  You can read more about support strategies on their website.  

Any questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]



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