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Ultimately, the path to improving the financial wellbeing of your people is to provide access to financial education.

Once your workforce has completed the assessment (step 1 of our programme), you have analysed what areas they are showing as needing help with (step 2), you’re ready for step 3, which is to educate.

That is why we have created a series of presentations that can provide financial education.  These cover a range of topics that are relevant from the point that someone enters the workplace to the point of retirement and beyond.

Our presentations can be bespoked to ensure that they reference any services (eg your Employee Assistance Programme) or benefits (eg your pension scheme design and provider) that you offer.  This will help ensure that you getting additional value for the support that is already accessible to your workforce.  

You can see examples of the type of presentations, which can be delivered online, or in person, that we offer below.

Examples of what we cover in our

financial education sessions

Money Saving Tips

This presentation provides lots of practical tips and advice on how someone can increase their disposable income.  We look at the benefits of budgeting and examine daily spending habits, for example, in areas such as travel, finances, their home and utilities.

Managing Your Debts

Debt isn’t always a bad thing.  This presentation looks at what good and bad debt is, and steps you can take to reduce or pay off debt. We also look at what options you have if are unable to pay back the debt, and the consequences of various actions that can be taken.

Savings & Investment

There are thousands of different types of savings and investments you can access.  We look at what you can use for short, medium and long term planning, alongside understanding the risks that you take with your money to get your desired return.

Planning For Retirement

Planning for retirement happens the moment you start your working life.  This presentation looks at what you need to think about in the years coming up to retirement and what options you have with your pension pot at the point of retirement and beyond.

Rent V Buy

Getting on to the property ladder is a big decision. This presentation looks at the advantages and disadvantages of renting and buying a house, and what steps you need to take to prepare for buying a house. 

Maximising Your Allowances

It doesn’t matter what you earn, but you are entitled to allowances.  Some of these are used by everyone and some will be used by a few.  This presentation looks at what is available and what can be claimed.

Picking a Mortgage

Whether it comes to getting a first-time mortgage or remortgaging, it can be a daunting prospect.  This presentation provides lots of actionable tips to help someone find the best deal in the market and decide what mortgage is right for their circumstances.  

Wills & Trusts

This presentation looks at why you need a Will, and what happens if you were to die without one.  It also looks at how you can use Trusts to protect your assets and what steps you can take to minimise your inheritance tax.

Credit Ratings

We all have one, but do we know what impact our credit score is having on our financial life? This presentation looks at what role your credit score has when it comes to borrowing money, renting or getting a mobile phone.  We also provide tips on what you can do to improve your score.

Paying For Care

Many people are shocked to discover elderly care costs can exceed £100,000.  This presentation looks at what steps you can take in advance, and at the point of care, to reduce the costs that would be payable.  

Return To Work

Financial decisions that you make when you come back to work after a period of paternity and maternity leave can have a massive financial impact later down the line.  This presentation looks at the types of issues you need to consider and the potential consequences of any decisions that you make.  

Dealing With Probate

When a loved one passes away, the process of dealing with probate can be both complicated and emotional. This presentation sets out what the process is and what steps you need to take to ensure it is done as efficiently and as quickly as possible. 

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