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We're on a mission to improve the financial literacy of

1 million people in the workplace

We believe that true financial wellbeing can only be attained by improving financial education.

So, this is exactly what we have set out to do, with a particular focus on educating and providing guidance to people within the workplace.  

We have developed a comprehensive 3 step programme that we believe will have a positive impact on the financial wellbeing of your workforce.  

You can read more about our 3 step programme to achieving this goal below.

But before we do, let’s start with why this is such an important issue for both individuals and employers.

The need for financial education:

The individual perspective

The need for financial education:

The employer perspective

Improve the financial education of your workforce with our

3 step programme

We have developed a 3 step programme to help organisations deliver financial education to their workforce, which ultimately leads to improved financial wellbeing.  

You often find that many financial wellbeing and education programmes, that employers offer, are not targeted and/or it is hard to really measure whether the support that is being offered is making a tangible difference.

Our 3 step programme looks to address this problem.


We have developed an assessment tool, that allows an individual to do an online, 10-minute, assessment of their financial wellbeing across a range of different aspects of their life. Once they complete the assessment, they get a personalised report.


As an organisation, you are able to see, at an anonymous level, the financial wellbeing scores of your workforce.  In turn, this information allows you to understand exactly where people need help, which allows you to put in place a highly targeted financial education programme.


We have created a series of presentations and webinars that cover key topics from the point that someone enters the workplace through to when they retire. Using the output from Step 2 allows you to deliver sessions that you know will help improve the lives of your workforce.  

Read more about the 3 steps below.


Complete the assessment tool

We have developed a comprehensive online Financial Wellbeing Assessment Tool.

The Assessment tool allows an individual to answer some straightforward questions, and then receive a personalised score and report covering all areas of their financial life.

We have developed our own financial wellbeing scoring algorithm that attributes a personal wellbeing score to each person that completes the assessment.

The assessment tool can be made available for FREE to your workforce.  Or if you would prefer to bespoke the questions, answers and output, this can also be achieved. 

Get in contact and you can try the assessment tool for yourself.

A screenshot to show you what the online assessment covers

and how the scores are presented

These scores are provided as part of the personalised report, which in essence, provides you with help and guidance on what steps you can take to improve your scores, and therefore your personal financial wellbeing.

The financial wellbeing assessement tool and its



We ask what on the surface appear innocent questions but could be an indicator of a deeper problem


The financial assessment tool doesn’t take long at all to go through


The report will provide guidance and actionable tips for the individual to follow and improve their wellbeing


The tool can be made available to your workforce for free.  Additional bespoking options are available too


The report an individual receives is personal to them and relates to the answers they gave in the assessment


As an organisation you can use the output to design targeted financial wellbeing programmes for your workforce


See where your workforce need help

The challenge with a lot of financial education and wellbeing programmes is that it’s hard to know whether the support an organisation offers its workforce, will, or won’t, have an impact.  

That is why we have developed an analytics dashboard that allows you, on an anonymised basis, to see what scores your people are getting as they complete the Assessment tool.

In turn, you can then take this information to create a tailored financial education programme as part of Step 3.


Provide access to financial education

Ultimately, improving the financial wellbeing of your workforce will require education.  That is why we have developed a range of presentations that can be delivered online or in person.  

Our presentations are designed to capture the issues that most people will face in their lifetime, all the way from entering the workplace through to when they retire and beyond.   

The presentations are designed in such a way, that they are easy to follow, and break down the core messages into easily understandable chunks.  

Examples of the types topics we cover in our financial education sessions

Money Saving Tips

Lots of practical tips and advice on budgeting and steps that people can take to increase their regular disposable income by looking at daily spending habits, for example, in areas such as travel, finances, lifestyle and utilities.

Understanding Debt

Looking at what good and bad debt is, and steps you can take to reduce or pay off debt. We also look at what options you have, if you are unable to pay back the debt and the consequences of various actions that can be taken.

Savings & Investment

Looking at the different types of savings you can access, and the different types of investments you can use for short, medium and long term planning, alongside understanding the risks that you take with your money.

Planning For Retirement

Look at what you need to think about in the years coming up to retirement and what options you have with your pension pot at the point of retirement and beyond.

Do You Rent Or Buy?

This presentation looks at the advantages and disadvantages of renting and buying and what steps you need to take to prepare for buying a house. We also look at the different types of mortgages and how they work.

Maximising Your Allowances

This looks at what Allowances and Benefits are offered by the government and helping people understand what they can claim and/or use to maximise their income or minimise their tax liability.

Want to try the assessment tool or learn more about our

financial education programme?

The best way to get a real feel for how our 3 step programme could work for you is to get in touch. 

In the first instance, we can send you the Financial Wellbeing Assessment Tool to run through yourself and get a feel for how it could work for your people.

You can contact us in one of three ways:

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  • Directly book a meeting in the calendar below, and we can demo the Assessment tool and talk you through the financial education programme


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